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Wacken Open Air Festival Photo Essay: Capturing the Carnage

Posted in Gigs, Travel with tags , , on August 25, 2010 by Noise Road

A photographic essay by special guest photographer, Dee Kay.

Wasn’t the Wacken Open Air Festival like three weeks ago?

Didn’t Noise Road attend Wacken?

In fact hasn’t making the funds last until Wacken been a focus of the trip that Noise Road has been documenting?

The answer to all the above question is “yes”.  Wacken was a potentially once in a life time experience for a boy from rAdelaide.

However, it’s been a busy month for Noise Road.  In order to keep the gigging/travelling dream alive, Noise Road has had to sell its soul to the man for a handful of filthy bucks.  Junk money for a weekly travelling/gigging fix.

By week, Noise Road is bent over the desk of his cubicle…  But Noise Road has still been travelling every weekend.  This has not left a lot of time or energy for posting the reports.  We’ve been running on fumes.

Luckily the lovely Dee Kay is able to cover my failings.  Dee Kay travelled all the way from Australia to attend Wacken with Noise Road.  She was able to smuggle in her shiny new SLR camera into two of the three days of the festival.  The below photos show how she saw the festival…

Some words on the Wacken Festival to follow in the next few weeks…