Ash Bohrer / Godflesh / Asphyx at Roadburn 2013


Ash Bohrer were suitably grating to some that the guy in front of me had fingers in ears. That gear brings a smile to my face.

I am a big Wolves in the Throne Room fan, but it wasn’t until their last show in London that they sold me live. I have a preference for dynamics in black metal. There is another school that say the continual blast of black metal lulls you into a trance. Neurosis lull me into a trance. Non-stop 16th notes don’t.

Ash Bohrer DO have enough going on, working the nihilistic side of black metal rather than Wolves’ spiritual side. I was sorry that I couldn’t give them more of a chance – but Justin Broadrick and I have to continue our uneasy dance

Godflesh Plays Pure Album

It took me a long time, but I have grown to absolutely love Jesu’s first couple of albums and much of the Godflesh discography. However, I am not sure about the hip hop beats of the Pure album.

The Streetcleaner performance from a couple years ago was always going to be a hard act to top. I did enjoy when Godflesh locked into the machine beats. The set definitely moved towards my tastes with the growing ambience at the close of the set.

Broadrick sets are always worth your attendance. If he isn’t flooring you with Streetcleaner or Silver, there’s challenging music. Even his trainwrecks, where all his equipment falls over, is worthy of the spectacle.

Asphyx pumping

Asphyx closed my Roadburn 2013 with their stomping, death-metal bludgeon. The frontman effortlessly transitioned from a thick cockney accent to Dutch and back again.

By the close of their set, I was exhausted. Another cold night in a field outside of Tilburg, and I was back on a train to Schipol airport.

Roadburn Festival continues to grow every year, putting distance between it and ANY other festival ANYWHERE in the world.

2 Responses to “Ash Bohrer / Godflesh / Asphyx at Roadburn 2013”

  1. What an amazing Day 3!

  2. One day Murray Bridge will have a metal festival to rival Roadburn. Good to read some new write ups man.

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