Wickerman Festival – Burn


A day previous to the festival, I had flown back in from Australia. After me and the whisky partied a little too hard to Primal Scream’s awesome set, a few hours kip in a tent wasn’t healing my hurts. As my mum would say “there is no sympathy for self inflicted wounds”…

My head hurt, my stomach wobbled and barely a stitch held the arse of my shorts together. That’s not a euphemism. My shorts were old and in danger of loss of structural integrity if I danced too hard or bent down too quickly…

However, amazingly summer did fall on the weekend of the Wickerman Festival. And so a few hours off the firewater, and a stroll to a rocky beach soothed my various sores.

The beach in Scotland? Sun in Scotland? There is no better place to be on a sunny day than Scotland. It just that a sunny day in Scotland only happens once in a decade. Back home in Oz, we are spoiled for sunshine… but here everyone is so happy to see the sun. The Scottish forget that they are miserable bastards, and drop everything to have fun in the sun. Its the happiest place on earth… and then the sun leaves… And the Scottish people return to playing their role in an Irvine Welsh novel. They know I love ’em.


But here we stand, beer in hand. The sun is shining over the rolling fields of Dumfries and Galloway. The campsite is a couple minutes stroll back up the hill to our right. The stage is right in front of us, and… over the hill behind us, a giant effigy lies in wait. It waits to burn.

One Response to “Wickerman Festival – Burn”

  1. These northern hemisphere types don’t take the sun for granted. Not one bit.

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