Wickerman Festival – Tune


Jet lagged, and half a bottle of whisky deep, Primal Scream’s sax riff from the cracking new tune, 2013, eased us into the set. Night had finally fallen. Over 10,000 new friends had appeared, and they were suitably charged and ready to jig.

Front man, Bobby Gilliespie, has a rare charisma… He’s often laid-back and softly spoken between songs, but still he manages to generate a massive response from the crowd. It felt like a huge party.

Their distinctive intersection of indie rock and rave electronica is a perfect headline for Wickerman. New songs, deep cuts of classic albums, extended jammy rock-ons and rave freak-outs had the die hards losing their shit, whilst the average punter knew every second song from radio osmosis. Swastika Eyes and, of course, Loaded had the crowd grooving, whilst Moving on Up and Get Your Rocks Off had the crowd singing and jumping. The big finish of Come Together (“My light shines on….”) energised the hordes to pack the rave tents or rekindle their dance with the buckfast back at the tent.


Earlier in the day, Admiral Fallow impressed with their upbeat folk rock. I was particularly taken with the clever lyrics filled with euphemisms, “guest of the government”, and metaphors ,”don’t drop your anchor here”. We were wondering if that was the opposite of the old “any port in a storm”.


The following KT Tunstall set provided an entertaining set of hits, creative loop peddling, covers and an endearingly questionable beatbox from her band mate.


Amy MacDonald’s voice may have been a little sore this particular evening, but her intimate songwriting won nothing but love from the huge crowd… before we burned.

No matter how cool you think it is to see a giant effigy burnt, I can guarantee that it’s cooler than you think. As the wooden man fell, fireworks lit the sky.

And so the gods were pleased for another year.

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